Part 2 of “The Burntown Chronicles” is up on Amazon!!

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My name is Kelsey and I’m the last person in Kentsburg to know anything about what happened before The Shock. 

On April 23rd, my cousin Janelle had picked me up for a weekend in Jackson, begging me to get out of that stupid hick town. I can’t say I complained. We had gotten high up to our eyeballs that night. Everything was going as planned up until it happened…the thing we vowed never to talk about.

No one anticipated how the world was going to change. I can’t remember all the events leading up to it and in some ways, that’s not important. But the fact remains. I know far more than I should, and I can’t tell anyone. Either way, it wouldn’t matter. Fire or ice? It seems the only one who can save us has chosen fire. 

I just don’t have the heart to tell my friends, but I know the truth. I know we’re all going to die out here, and there’s no stopping it…