**UPDATE: The Chronicles of Burntown, Pt. 1 is now FREE on Smashwords!

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I’m a horrible blogger =( So as my special present to you for the holidays–and also because I have a loads of writing projects to be working on, amid getting ready for Christmas and dealing with the general insanities of my life–I finally decided I should hand out a freebie. If you haven’t started reading The Chronicles of Burntown already, now you have no excuse not to.

Here’s Part I, and it’s on me. Have a great holiday season and stay warm wherever you are =)

July, 2021. When the small town of Kentsburg, Mississippi finds itself cut off from the rest of the outside world following a terrible thunderstorm one evening, no one thinks much of it, although several teens can recall seeing flashing red lights on the horizon just before the power went out. The next morning, even stranger things begin to happen.

Nobody’s car will start, clocks are frozen, and all cell phones are mysteriously dead. Then come the circular drones that some farmers have started digging up in their fields–heavy devices which house a plethora of deadly weapons to kill anyone who interferes with them.

In the days following the aftermath of what many refer to as “The Shock”, an unlikely young antihero named Markus Huxley rises, eventually declaring himself de facto leader of a place henceforth known as “Burntown”. Influenced only by his haunted past and an unusual penchant for fire, the future of those who remain in Kentsburg under his reign seems uncertain.

With the town’s older residents dying off, the younger teens soon turn to drugs and alcohol in order to cope. And so the parties rage on, even as the world has seen fit to end in fire…