My web serial “Adventures in Viktorium” has just launched!

Hey everyone! So there’s this great-big-massive-huge project I’m working on which for some reason I don’t think I’ve mentioned here before, but I will now.

Viktorium is actually many things. It will be a group of serial novellas (or novels, I’m not sure yet). It’s a web serial. It also involves characters interacting on Twitter. Basically, I’m trying my damnedest to create this insane steampunk world, because I love the idea of it so much that I want to share it with people and encourage active fan participation to expand the world as far as it will go. That includes (but is not limited to) artwork, fanfiction, RPGs, etc. So I’m spreading it around the internet like a virus and hoping it might catch on. Crazy idea.

Anyway, the basic premise is that a scientist named Charles DuPont discovers this other frequency (a parallel dimension) which is exactly like Earth’s reality, but it’s unpopulated. What he does know is that souls of people who died show up there for a short time, but they don’t seem to stay. He resolves at first to turn it into a vacation spot or tourist attraction to test it out by building machines to cross over. It fails miserably at first, but eventually he produces technology to reroute the souls of everyone who dies to this new land, which he dubs Viktorium.

Fifteen years later, a coup is staged and he’s exiled. Political corruption runs rampant and everyone in positions of power line up for the throne, constantly sabotaging each other and allowing the general public to suffer because of their greed.

To that end, I’ve created three fictional Twitters so far of some characters who are basically there to discuss what’s going on in Viktorium, though they play minor roles in the Adventures in Viktorium series:

Benoit Laurent – @BenoitLaur
Constance Renou – @VFranceTransit
Nikola Tesla – @DPSteamworks

I should clarify that Adventures is solely a web serial which takes place just prior to the events of the books I have planned, which are called The Dispatchers Chronicles, in which Christophe and Vitalie–the children of Charles DuPont–travel to Viktorium in search of their father, whom they barely knew.

More is coming soon, and incredibly exciting things are happening! I’ll talk at greater length perhaps later, but for now it’s long past my bedtime (don’t ask, I’m on a horrible schedule!)

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