Book Cover Design Services

I also design a range of pre-made eBook covers AVAILABLE HERE for fellow indie authors on a budget. Graphic designers can be expensive, and while for the most part I am self-taught, I consider myself pretty good at what I do. The most I charge for my work is $40. As you can see, my designs are fairly minimalistic as I’m not a trained professional, but a book cover need not be super-flashy to be effective. “Less is more” is a philosophy I stand by when I make these. I do a lot of research on what works in regards to typeface, color and tone choices, and the photos and graphics I use are either my own work or public domain. I do not pay for stock photos as I find many of them to be cheesy or over-used, so I work with what I have to create unique, eye-catching pieces.

Here are the specs:

Default Cover Dimensions: 2820 x 4500 px (approx. 8×12) according to Amazon Kindle standards, 350ppi, suitable for both print and eBooks. Let me know if you need a particular size and I’ll gladly customize it for you. All my covers are for unlimited use once you buy them. JPEG or PNG  format. I can have it ready and customized to your liking within 24-48 hours!

Some examples of my work:

Black Rain2-1 Deep Woods2-1 The Grey2-1 the storm2-1 bloodqueen-color lady of the wood-1 PanWildTink2-1 sting8-32-1


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