I’m also a composer and producer of electronic music. I produce under various aliases depending on the genre, but my major project as of now is Deftlobe.

**NOTE: If you need any original music produced at all for a YouTube video, web series, short/indie film, advertisement, or any other project, please don’t hesitate to email me! I work relatively fast and am happy to negotiate prices within your budget =)

Deftlobe is something I consider a very fluid and malleable project. I compose mainly in the ambient genre, but it also encompasses all the songs I produce as concepts for film or television scores. If you’ve ever seen an indie film (any work by Ivan Noel or Gus Van Sant, for example) or the UK television series Skins and listened to the music, you’ll have an idea of what I mean. My biggest influences for the project have been Fat Segal, Loscil, Frances White, and Ethan Rose.

I occasionally produce pop, industrial, and various other weird stuff I don’t know how to classify as well (I have too many music pages everywhere that I’d rather not list, honestly). But I’m quite versatile. If you want to keep up with my audio endeavors, just follow my SoundCloud pages here and here, I’m always posting new stuff on them 😉


One thought on “Music

  1. Curt Flad

    I was looking at your site and I am very impressed. You are a very busy man and being the son of my sister makes it even more intriguing. Since you have a background in producing I wanted to know if you could put together a website. As you know last March 2013 I was on life support with a 10% chance of surviving. At the time of admission I weighed 233 lbs. When I got out I quit smoking and drinking. I made up a diet and started going to the gym and not missing a day for 9 months. I lost 73 lbs in the first 6 months and threw away my inhaler I needed to help me breath. I kept working out up until 10 weeks when a bodybuilder asked me if I wanted to compete in a show. I was reluctant at first, but I decided to take him on his offer and I trained day and night and competed at the International Bodybuilding competition at Venice Beach and I did real good for my first time. I am now 145 lbs and in the best shape of my life. The reason for my website is so others will see what I was able to do and I can help others achieve what I was able to do. I also want to put together a video with music to show the transition with pictures of me in the hospital and the selfies I took of myself during the weight loss process where I am shirtless and u can see the natural progression of it. Use your imagination and think it over. Let me know what u think of the idea so I can get this thing going. There are a lot of people out there I can help and the sooner the better.
    Great job you are doing out there and look forward to talking to you soon in the near future .
    Your awesome!!
    (909)227-5700 or
    You could even text to that number.
    Also Happy Birthday again. Hope u had a good time.

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